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An Experienced and Diverse Team

As diverse as our clients are so is the experience and professional portfolio of our team.  From the complex world of Finance, to Sales and Marketing, Technology and Operations our team's diverse background provides the solid foundation that gives our clients peace of mind that their projects are being handled experts in their respective fields.  Our portfolio of projects includes a cross-industry swath ranging from Real Estate, Technology, Hospitality, Specialty Chemicals and Heavy Industries, Consumer and Industrial Goods, and many more.  We are indsutry agnostic but results focused.

Peter Gallic     

Peter Gallic - Principal

Peter has an extensive background in financial re-engineering that has spanned the last ten years. Mr. Gallic has worked in Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Poland, and England on financial projects ranging from longevity indexed securities to  insurance enhanced municipal bonds of third world countries to Mortgaged Backed Securities work to predictive hedging model for airline tickets. He assisted the Chinese government in building out the Chinese Vacation Time Share industry. He worked on the development and sale of insurance related financing products for the commercial real estate market selling over $500 million dollars worth of product during the period from 1997 – 2002. Earlier in his career Mr. Gallic founded the second largest children's furniture company in the US that developed over 56 children's furniture products for JC Penney, Sears, and 200 other retail customers. He sold the business in a management buy-out. Mr. Gallic holds a BS in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila in the Philippines.

Fabrizio P Busso-Campana 

Fabrizio P. Busso-Campana - Advisor

Fabrizio has almost 30 years professional experience in operations, management, finance and technology of startups and mid to large-scale international companies across a various industries to include consulting, hospitality, commodities, manufacturing & distribution, consumer goods & technology.   Past experience in areas such as business analysis and optimization to include brand / product management, planning, re-organization <business & corporate processes>, financial analysis with a heavy focus on development, implementation and management of business growth through the optimization of processes, systems and technology development & integration.  His employment portfolio covers a variety of industries with a particular emphasis in the hospitality industry; MGM/Mirage Corporation, Club Med North America, American International Food Corp., Celebrity Cruises, RCCL, Crystal Capital, and Marketorum to name but a few.








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